Miami Powerwashing Services

Is your residential or commercial property looking sad and discolored due to dirt, grime, mildew, dust, mold, algae buildup, stains, grease, old paint jobs or any other natural or man-made causes?

Look no further- Home Team Pressure Clean, LLC will do the job.

Residential Power Washing in Miami

We service all your power washing needs. Everything from walls to pavers, sidewalks, garages, warehouses, wooden structures, decks, windows, gutters, patios, boats, trucks, pool decks & fences. If you don’t see a particular cleaning project listed, please contact us.

We offer safe and effective soft wash roof cleaning to eliminate black stains and algae from roofs. We also service any gutter cleaning needs to remove clogs and increase drainage.

Commercial Power Washing in Miami

Home Team Pressure Clean is equipped and trained to complete projects of any size. We can effectively take care of your commercial cleaning needs: from concrete cleaning, entrance areas, walkways, post-construction cleanup to pool decks and patios, gum and graffiti removal. If your project is not listed, contact us to let us know what your specific commercial power cleaning needs are.

Power Cleaning for Property Management Companies

We understand the needs of property managers and schedule our work around the sensitive needs of tenants. We regularly offer pressure washing for corporate parks, walkways and sideways, parking lots and garages, medical buildings and hospitals, shopping centers and storefronts, schools and administration facilities, HOA, condominiums and apartment complexes, senior living communities, and townhomes, among others. Contact us for a quote today!

  • Corporate Parks
  • Awnings
  • Monument Signs
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Walkways & Sidewalks
  • Parking Lots & Garages
  • Medical Buildings & Hospitals
  • Shopping Centers & Store Fronts
  • Schools & Administration Facilities
  • Condominium & Apartment Complexes

Pressure Washing Industrial & Commercial Equipment

To ensure that industrial-grade facilities maintain their visual appeal and mechanical efficiency, they must be cleaned properly and regularly. Cut down the cost of operation by letting us restore the proficiency and usability of worn equipment and facilities. Our industrial pressure washing experience includes steel plants, dumpsters, warehouses, factories, storage tanks, heavy duty equipment, post-construction cleanup, universities and school facilities, airplanes, and a wide range of industrial buildings.

Truck Fleets

Home Team Pressure Clean understands your needs as a fleet manager. Be confident that your company always gives the best impression and let our experience help you. Whether you represent a newspaper, television station, cable company, waste management company, government/municipal agency- we do it all. Our experience includes front/rear loaders, scales, fork lifts, stake body, dump trucks, tractors and trailers, sweepers, box trucks, among others. If your particular project isn’t listed, give us a call today and let us know what you need!

Marine Power Washing

Home Team Pressure Clean will have your boat and boat furniture looking like new. Your boat is a major investment and we understand that proper care is essential in protecting your vessel. Salt water can etch spots onto various surfaces (waxed boats that are not regularly washed will develop these spots as well). Call us today and let us keep your boat looking fresh!

Residential Powerwashing

Everything and anything from walls, pavers, sidewalks, garages, warehouses, wooden structures, windows, gutters, patios, boats, trucks, pool decks & fences.

Powerwash Your Roof

Specifically, for rooftops we do “Soft Washes”. We can handle any job that needs pressure cleaning. It’s what we do!

Graffiti Removal

We are licensed and insured.

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